So I’m liuhllils! I decided on this name since it’s actually a combination of the word ‘little’ and the nickname ‘lils’ (since my real name is Lily). I’m from Yorkshire and, even though I don’t do this myself (or I try not to), there’s a tendency for people here to drop their t’s like a lot of Brits do! So lazily, ‘little’ become ‘li-ul’ or ‘li-uhl’ if you want to get precise. I’m hopefully going to be taking East Asian Studies at university next year so that should be good and obviously I’ll be documenting what I’ll be going through and eventually my year abroad! But for now, as a sixth form student, I’ll be posting about things I’m picking up, trends, anything to do with language and culture in Japan and Korea and I hope you find it useful! Anyhoooo peeps, my first post will be up tomorrow! Enjoy, nutjobs!


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