My Chinese friends music!

鑳¤嫃鐓х墖3 third song husu

Hey my pretties!

I was talking to my friend in China yesterday night and he told me about his music. He’s a 27 year old singer (although as an Asian he looks so much younger) and he’s been writing music since he was 17. His songs vary in genre from country/indie to rock and they’re amazing! Singing in Chinese obviously, the first song he sent me is called ‘I Grieve You By My Voice’ which sounds sad but the song is actually very relaxing. Something you want to listen to in the car 🙂 (this site is in Chinese but the link takes you straight to the MV. Any trouble, just comment!)

This is the song I’m on about. He’s sent me more mp3 versions of his songs and also a site that allows you to download his album too! I shall link all in the next post! Please support him, he’s a fantastic guy with fantastic music! If you like this song spread the word, he can’t get access to any foreign sites which he could upload his songs and videos. I’d love for him to do well internationally. Be awesome guys!


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