L&M presents from Japan! (money money moneyyyy…holder)

Bit of background – my mum is a qualified private gardener and so she has worked her way to gardening in some rather nice and big houses (owned by people who are pretty well-off) and early in 2012 she gained some clients in the town next door called Linda and Masat (Masato). Obviously Masat is a Japanese man and they lived together in Tokyo for 10 years before coming back to Leeds. My mum worked on their garden for months and due to her people skills she makes very good friends with clients. Linda and Masat got to know me and my sister as well as my mum and we had a great few months together while my mum was working there. During this time, and knowing we love Japan,  Linda and Masat have sent me and my sister various gifts, usually items from Japan they have kept but have no use for anymore or just haven’t used. I’m going to make this a little series of posts showing you gradually all of the things they have given us (mainly because my camera has run out of battery and I can’t take any more photos on it till I’ve charged it).

Without further-ado, here are some items I’ve received from Linda and Masat!

006 007 013

From left to right & downwards, this is a paper purse. Above is the packaging which I thought was really pretty! Like a little envelope! I also loved the Japanese writing on the front but since I can’t read Japanese  I encourage anyone who can to please enlighten me as to what it says! Much appreciated! (:

008 009 010    It has two wide sections inside enough for a lot of notes, cards and some change. Decorated with red, cream, green and pastel blue flowers, I found this purse extremely beautiful and seriously, I did NOT want to throw away the packaging, Although this purse can hold money I would definitely save it for special occasions rather than daily use because it may crease or get easily damaged and the flap that closes it has no lock or tie to stay closed.

011So this is a small quilted purse, the top picture is the back and the bottom one is the front. It’s actually got a little velcro piece inside the flap so it can stay shut easily. Much more secure and fun to touch (teehee)! You can keep folded notes and spare change in here as well as cards!


So these two items were given to me along with lots of other pressies which I will be posting about in my next L&M (Linda & Masat) post! (I’ll probably do these little posts once after every 2-3 other posts depending!)



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