L&M gifts from Japan: Japanese sweet erasers!

Now in England we say ‘rubbers’ not ‘erasers’ but for the purpose of this post, and because in America a ‘rubber’ is a condom, I will refer to them as ‘erasers’. Catering for all!!

Now, onto the product, this was also a gift from L&M – a packet of erasers that look like Japanese sweets!


Inside the packaging, from the top and going left to right; (apologies, I do not know the Japanese names for these sweets nor can I actually identify all of them) leaf wrap, pancake, sweet dumplings (on a stick), green tea and another leaf wrap.

005As you can see, the green tea actually comes with it’s own little saucer!

So that’s just another little gift from our lovely friends whom I hope to speak to soon as I miss them very very much! Sorry again for the lack of posts these days, school starts again tomorrow and I have had to start preparing for my last academic year before uni! I have lots of post topics so I’m not out of material, keep on coming! (:

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