Two witches and two watches?

witch watch

Yesterday, whilst talking to my lovely ‘Y’, I sent him this picture. You see these kinds of posts on facebook all the time nowadays, a drawing with some sort of fact, rhyme, rhetorical question or story written next to it. I decided to test Y on his English ability (he is already amazing!) so I sent him this picture and said ‘do you get it?’ to which he read it out loud. Then he gave me this hilarious look that basically said ‘…wtf?…waitwaitwait!’ and he read it again but changed the word ‘witches’ to ‘bitches’! He suggested it would be easier for him to distinguish between ‘which’ and ‘witch’ to which I could not stop laughing!

‘If  two bitches watched two watches, which bitch would watch which watch?’

He did understand perfectly, but it was still confusing when reading it out loud. As in he understood the meaning of it fine but trying to understand it through reading it and picking out each detail whilst doing so was out of the question for him.

Ohohohoho, this was one of the funniest things I’ve seen of him yet. I HAVE to do this more often! Hope you enjoyed this little update, and again I am terribly sorry for the lack of regular posts, school is extremely important right now. Reists and last year? Pffft this requires alot of attention!

Peace out!

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