Update: changing blog name?

Just an update, I may actually be changing my blog FROM mynihongoandhangul to something else. This may not happen but it is something I’m considering. I’ll be studying either Japanese or Korean in uni and one reason for this potential switch is because I’ll probably, well most likely, be focusing on one of these two countries more than the other due to the education and my year abroad and hopefully whatever comes afterwards. 

I love both countries, however, I be end up with focusing on one all the time, and there’s no point in calling my blog mynihongoandhangul if I’m only living up to half of it! 

This is simply a thought and may not even happen because I blog to help with two countries I love but I also do it for my own amusement. Half the amusement will go if I suddenly stop with one. 😥 

BOOM! Just an update and just something I’m thinking about. ♥


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