TVXQ – Something (I cannot be more obsessed with this song)

So I’m obsessed with TVXQ’s new song ‘Something’ that was released on YouTube on the 1st of Jan 2014. Oooooh I can’t stop listening to it it’s so damn catchy and just goddamn awesome. Check it out here. The lyrics are really well constructed and I love the repeated ‘sageulsageulsageul’ at the end of the chorus. The whole structure of the song is admirable – it’s just an all round really good piece of music! Not usually what I’d personally expect from SM entertainment but then again maybe by some tragic misfortune I’ve missed all the songs they’ve produced that are similar to this one. It’s jazzy. That’s what it is!

Apart from lovin’ the vocals and melody I lurve the MV as well – the choreography is so jumpy and like BOOM and I just feel like I want to get in the video and dance as well! I could dance around my house to this song all day. I do dance around my house to this song. Not all day though, I have to restrain myself because I don’t want to get sick of it! I loved how the guys were dressed and their fluid movements were fantastic, the choreography just looks perf for them. Especially loving the ‘entwined in rope’ beginning. Yeah baby. But oft! I do like the incorporation of foreign models into the MV as well as simply Korean – this usually wouldn’t stand out that much in a music video from any other country (with the exception of Japan) but nowadays in Korea more non-Koreans are making appearances in KPOP which is interesting! Other MVs I know of with this asset include  Madonna by Secret who use a foreign orchestra and even Trouble Maker’s new single ‘Now’ briefly includes foreign girls acting sleazy with Hyunseung! If you know of any others please comment them I’d love to check ’em out! I don’t know, it feels more exotic with the foreign models in this MV not that nationality really matters. It just seems to feel different with KPOP because Korea has been a homogeneous society for so long. It’s nice to see the ice breaking a little!


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