What does OTL mean in Korean text talk?

So, I wonder how many of you have come across ‘OTL’ before? (Orz, STO and Or2 are variations – scroll down for an explanation!)

Well I spent a whole week going ‘whatthefrigdoesitmean?!’ after my friend kept adding it to the ends of her sentences!

OTL doesn’t actually stand for anything, you’re not supposed to take each individual letter and assume it has a hidden meaning, look at it as a whole. A sideways…whole. yeah it’s meant to depict someone on their hands and knees in despair.

The O is the head.

The T is the back (horizontal line) and arms (vertical line).

The L is the legs which are bent!

When is it used? Well whenever you want to show you feel defeated or unhappy or exhausted. Something along those lines – it can be used, I suppose, in the same way that ‘smh’ (shaking my head) is used! Think of it as an equivalent. A clever one! I didn’t even realise the defeated looking person until I was told what OTL actually meant, till then I was searching for acronyms!


E.g. ‘I tried to find it in the shop but I couldn’t see it anywhere OTL’

ADDITIONALLY, OTL can be altered, there’s variations of it. They all depict someone on their hands and knees:

Orz = r is the arm and upper back, z is the lower back and legs

STO = T is the arms and back, S is the legs

Or2 = r is the upper back and arms and 2 is the lower back and legs

Personally I think Orz and STO add a bit of bum in there, love it. :3

USE IT PEEPS IT’S FUN AS HECK! And even funnier when I use all these Korean text talk thingymajiggies and my friends are like ‘what the heck does that mean?’



One Comment on “What does OTL mean in Korean text talk?”

  1. n00b says:

    OTL originally used in Japan first.

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