About this blog and moi

A brief introduction is in order:

Basically I’m an English girl who has a massive passion for East Asia (specifically Korea and Japan although I do have a soft spot for China). In my blog I just write about things I’m learning or have learnt (as well as a little updating on me and my life once in a while). So with regards to my blog; don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts! You’re all INCREDIBLY welcome here so get reading and researching and let the sugoi-ness flow!

More about myself?

I’m an English girl and from 12 to 16 years old I’d wanted to be a Defence Lawyer (I was inspired by Ace Attorney…the Nintendo games) but found myself spending more time pursuing Japan and later Korea more than revising for history mocks. Long story short, now I want to become a translator! It’s not a new idea I know but I love translating from Korean and Japanese to English casually and well, making that my job/career would be amazing! I definitely want to follow my mum and be happy in what I do for the rest of my life because let’s be honest, we’re practically working until we die nowadays. Might as well make it beautiful! And that’s just a little something about me! Good day! 🙂

2 Comments on “About this blog and moi”

  1. Les Coles says:

    I was looking up “body line” to see if it is normally open, hyphenated and solid when used as a fashion term. Love the definition “body line is all about an equal balance of boob and booty…” and love your blog. I’m an English guy living in Japan. And I too love a lot of things Korean, and also have a soft spot for many things Chinese.

    • liuhllils says:

      Thanks very much indeed for your appreciative comment! 🙂
      It’s great to hear from the English living in East Asia, I don’t come across many who do – it’s fab to find so many similarities between Japanese and Korean culture as well as their differences!

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