Two witches and two watches?

witch watch

Yesterday, whilst talking to my lovely ‘Y’, I sent him this picture. You see these kinds of posts on facebook all the time nowadays, a drawing with some sort of fact, rhyme, rhetorical question or story written next to it. I decided to test Y on his English ability (he is already amazing!) so I sent him this picture and said ‘do you get it?’ to which he read it out loud. Then he gave me this hilarious look that basically said ‘…wtf?…waitwaitwait!’ and he read it again but changed the word ‘witches’ to ‘bitches’! He suggested it would be easier for him to distinguish between ‘which’ and ‘witch’ to which I could not stop laughing!

‘If  two bitches watched two watches, which bitch would watch which watch?’

He did understand perfectly, but it was still confusing when reading it out loud. As in he understood the meaning of it fine but trying to understand it through reading it and picking out each detail whilst doing so was out of the question for him.

Ohohohoho, this was one of the funniest things I’ve seen of him yet. I HAVE to do this more often! Hope you enjoyed this little update, and again I am terribly sorry for the lack of regular posts, school is extremely important right now. Reists and last year? Pffft this requires alot of attention!

Peace out!


L&M gifts from Japan: Japanese sweet erasers!

Now in England we say ‘rubbers’ not ‘erasers’ but for the purpose of this post, and because in America a ‘rubber’ is a condom, I will refer to them as ‘erasers’. Catering for all!!

Now, onto the product, this was also a gift from L&M – a packet of erasers that look like Japanese sweets!


Inside the packaging, from the top and going left to right; (apologies, I do not know the Japanese names for these sweets nor can I actually identify all of them) leaf wrap, pancake, sweet dumplings (on a stick), green tea and another leaf wrap.

005As you can see, the green tea actually comes with it’s own little saucer!

So that’s just another little gift from our lovely friends whom I hope to speak to soon as I miss them very very much! Sorry again for the lack of posts these days, school starts again tomorrow and I have had to start preparing for my last academic year before uni! I have lots of post topics so I’m not out of material, keep on coming! (:

Got my hair cut – Ella Chen inspired!

Hellooo people, I got my hair done recently! The style I asked for was quite a dramatic cut considering before I had pretty long hair! I had to think for a long time before doing this because my hair is naturally curly and I didn’t want this to hold me back styling-wise. My cut is inspired by Ella Chen, the singer and actress, member of the 3 member girl group S.H.E. and I personally love how it turned out! I will post pictures of myself with the cut and the picture of Ella I took into the hairdressers. Compare and contrast for yourselves and tell me what your opinion is! Anyway before I ramble on here are some pictures!

Picture of me 22

This is a front shot, kind of. My fringe is still growing out! Now because this style is one length, cutting my hair shorter means my fringe will blend in easily when it’s fully grown out and all my hair will be the same length quicker.

Picture of me 25

Here I’m just showing you how short the under neath is, pretttyyyyy short! Even shorter underneath at the back!

Picture of me 24

This is a side view! You can see how my fringe almost blends into the rest of my hair. Now I’m aware my hair looks slightly gradient-ed, which is where it’s shorter at the back than the front and is angled in towards my neck, but it isn’t, it’s just the angle at which my head it tilted! My hair is all one length apart from my fringe! Straightening the hair and curving it slightly inwards can give it a gradient-ed look.

Picture of me 23

Front shot from the day I ha it cut! Oooh it smelt so good that day!

This is the picture I took into my hairdressers: 

So comparing Ella and me, the cut is very close to hers and it is possible for me to style it in a closely similar way to hers so in conclusion? SUCCESS!

I love Ella’s hairstyles, since she was the tomboy of the group she always used to be seen wearing very short cuts, pixie cuts, boyish cuts, mushroom cuts but for the past few years she’s been rocking longer styles from bobs to shoulder lengths and now she’s got beautiful long hair falling to her chest. Ella suits all types! Since this style is technically chin length I was a little suspicious because my face is very round (pictures aren’t a good example) and apparently chin length hair will only amplify the roundness of the face making it look chubby but to be honest, mine isn’t so bad and even if it did I’d kind of like that! It works!

Since my hair is, as I mentioned before, naturally curly I do have to style it to get it look like this but since it’s short it takes nowhere over 10 minutes as blow drying it is complete within 2 minutes. If I leave it naturally I do end up with tight curls and waves giving me a very old fashioned looks but, even with my hair straight and curved under, I have a 1930’s look about me. I will have to show you a clear picture one day!! I don’t think i was prepared picture – wise for this post haha! Anyway! That’s my Ella Chen inspired cut and hope you enjoyed this update! (:

L&M presents from Japan! (money money moneyyyy…holder)

Bit of background – my mum is a qualified private gardener and so she has worked her way to gardening in some rather nice and big houses (owned by people who are pretty well-off) and early in 2012 she gained some clients in the town next door called Linda and Masat (Masato). Obviously Masat is a Japanese man and they lived together in Tokyo for 10 years before coming back to Leeds. My mum worked on their garden for months and due to her people skills she makes very good friends with clients. Linda and Masat got to know me and my sister as well as my mum and we had a great few months together while my mum was working there. During this time, and knowing we love Japan,  Linda and Masat have sent me and my sister various gifts, usually items from Japan they have kept but have no use for anymore or just haven’t used. I’m going to make this a little series of posts showing you gradually all of the things they have given us (mainly because my camera has run out of battery and I can’t take any more photos on it till I’ve charged it).

Without further-ado, here are some items I’ve received from Linda and Masat!

006 007 013

From left to right & downwards, this is a paper purse. Above is the packaging which I thought was really pretty! Like a little envelope! I also loved the Japanese writing on the front but since I can’t read Japanese  I encourage anyone who can to please enlighten me as to what it says! Much appreciated! (:

008 009 010    It has two wide sections inside enough for a lot of notes, cards and some change. Decorated with red, cream, green and pastel blue flowers, I found this purse extremely beautiful and seriously, I did NOT want to throw away the packaging, Although this purse can hold money I would definitely save it for special occasions rather than daily use because it may crease or get easily damaged and the flap that closes it has no lock or tie to stay closed.

011So this is a small quilted purse, the top picture is the back and the bottom one is the front. It’s actually got a little velcro piece inside the flap so it can stay shut easily. Much more secure and fun to touch (teehee)! You can keep folded notes and spare change in here as well as cards!


So these two items were given to me along with lots of other pressies which I will be posting about in my next L&M (Linda & Masat) post! (I’ll probably do these little posts once after every 2-3 other posts depending!)


YESSTYLE.CO.UK order came through! What do I think?


So if you remember, this was the item I purchased from YESSTYLE aaand…in person….it’s nothing like it looks like on the picture. WELL, on the model anyway. However much I was expecting this to happen, of course nothing looks EXACTLY as it does online, I was still quite disappointed to find it hangs nowhere near in a similar fashion to the way it hangs on the model, it looks slightly sinched in just above the waist which was the look  liked, the shoulder does not stretch far enough to become an off-the-shoulder-top and since the photo of this girl must have been photo-shopped so much, it does not hang near my thighs, it’s more like down to my knees and very much like an over sized t-shirt more than a dress top which was what it was supposed to be. This was £22!! I can’t believe it, when I first got it today I was so annoyed to find it just looked like a sumos pyjama t-shirt. Gawd. But I’ve decided that since refunds don’t come easily on Yesstyle, unless there’s a genuine reason other than you don’t like it, that I’ll keep it and (because it’s good quality) I’ll either wear it with skinny jeans and tuck it in on one side which looks alright OR I’ll figure out what I’d like it to look like an alter it or take it to be altered.

One reason it probably looks different, apart from the photoshopping, is because, well, she’s korean (the model) and she’s got such adifferent figure to me, she’s slimmer and maybe a bit taller.

It’s good material to make a personal t-shirt with, I just wish it looked more like I’d expected. It’s my own fault! But I’ve cheered myself up, it does look nice and comfy, just not the way I wanted!

Even though this has happened, I’ll probably still buy stuff from YESSTYLE just because it is such a good site but I’m definitely thinking more than twice before I buy. This time I wanted it because it looked good on her, I’m going to be thinking about what will look good on me form now on. (:

YO!Sushi for comfort food! *UPDATE!*

Firstly, just a little update on my life, today we had our exam results day. I got mine and I passed fair and square! Maybe not exactly the results I wanted but this is only year 12, I still have year 13 to improve!  Anyway me and my friend planned to get some friends together and go to YO!Sushi in Leeds to celebrate, but since we all wished our grades were a little higher it turned into a comfort food session. XD

I got my friend to take a few pictures of us at YO!Sushi so you could see what the place is like. Here’s a few snaps:

IMG02036-20130815-1424Here was my first dish. God I love this, I think it’s the Beef&Garlic Teriyaki which is slices of premium beef glazed in garlic teriyaki sauce. I didn’t actually know it contained garlic until I looked at the online menu (to which I’ll post a link at the bottom of this post) but that’s probably what made the glaze on the beef so damn tasty! It’s served with little red chilli pepper slices (not hot at all from what I can remember), spring onions (I think) and a slice of lime that some people squeeze over the meal but I just sucked it…and then convulsed…ahh so sour. But OISHII! 🙂

I also had two other dishes; one was two large piece of sushi rolls and the other was a dessert called Doryaki which was just small little quarter pancakes with a bit of custard filling served with a raspberry sauce pot. 🙂

I also bought a green tea (free refills) for £1.15 (NOT BAD AT ALLLLL!) and then I just had to buy a glass of coke because I needed something cold. 🙂

IMG02072-20130815-1452 *our table during the time we were there, got more cramped as the hour went on haha!*

IMG02073-20130815-1455 IMG02074-20130815-1455These are just snaps of the little food conveyor belt. So easy to just pluck your food off and eat it nyaha! This is why I love YO!Sushi!

IMG02076-20130815-1456 IMG02077-20130815-1456First photo here is of the cover of the YO!Sushi menu you’re given when you eat at the restaurant and the second one is the first page which shows you the different sections of the menu. It’s easy to manoeuvre around and explains everything very simply and easily. Cute! 🙂

Aaaaaand this is us after we’d eaten, clearly a happy bunch o’ squirrels hehee. That’s me doing the peace sign! *Asian style of course, how can you NOT at YO!Sushi?*


The food was amazing, not expensive whatsoever but extremely filling! The Beef&Garlic Teryaki filled me up really well, I almost thought I couldn’t eat anymore! Had to though, all too good, teehee. If you’re ever in YO!Sushi comment here and tell what you think! I’d love to hear your opinions on my favourite Japanese restaurant. I have yet to go to WAGAMAMA…shhhh…

Japanese Phrase Book – The Easy Interpreter


Helluuu! I am back from camping and, yes, the post on androgyny will be up soon but since I only got back today I am absolutely shot at, therefore, it will be a few more days before I upload the post. It’s 22:39 and my eyes are like ‘let meh slep’ but I’m like ‘NO!’ This is of course going to be a post related to Japanese if you hadn’t already guessed from the photo above. Yesterday afternoon whilst camping my mum came back from a walk to a nearby village with her friend we were camping with whilst they left us to ‘tent-sit’ (i.e. sleep for 2 and a half hours). She had bought me this book she’d found in Oxfam, we love our charity shops, and said she’d found it for 99p. My god it’s good!


This is the back of the book which is just the blurb, have a read.


They have a ‘How To Use This Book’ section right at the beginning which is always helpful if you want to get the best out of it. It covers basic pronunciation and info on how the phrases/words are set out and politeness.

023 What the contents looks like. There is of course also an index.

026 Basically just an example of what the start of each chapter looks like. This is chapter 2 which covers anything you may need to know in Japanese in order to converse sufficiently before, during an after a plane journey.

027 Finally, this is an example of the next page which is the main part. The first column is the English word or phrase, the second is the word or phrase in Romanization and the third column is the word or phrase written in Japanese. It is set out like this for all chapters and a lot of these pages may have extra little notes at the bottom of word endings or how polite something is etc etc.

This book is really interesting. I stayed inside the tent for about an hour and a half just flicking through it, it’s not designed to help you become fluent in Japanese whatsoever it’s just designed to assist you in surviving certain situations and understanding what people are saying to you in Japanese. It’s more about travelling around in Japan so for people who are tourists, tour guides or anyone who works and travels in Japan but doesn’t know much Japanese at all, this book is great to quickly whip out and assist you.  It’s called ‘The Easy Interpreter’ by Yoko Pinkerton and Masumi Hiraga.

Awesome. NOW, who likes my nails?

028 I wanted something free and happy to look at,  especially after camping in the rainy valley,so the sky and a bumble bee sounded nice! Yep, I did get this from Bubzbeauty! Na-night!