Best KPOP cardio!

Personally I’m all for keeping healthy and ever since the beginning of 2013 I’ve been exercising a lot more than I used to. I came across Blogilates on youtube and my god Cassey Ho has changed my life. She’s the most motivating and fun Pilates instructor I’ve ever come across and she really puts in so much work to encourage people to become fit and healthy.

I came across her POP Pilates series in early 2013 and I’ve loved it ever since, dance cardio is probably the only cardio I enjoy doing and I cannot stop…because she has PSY cardio!

The Gangnam Style cardio is brilliant!! It’s sexy and fun and really gets your heart rate up but not to the point where you want to die – it’s so do-able and I LOVE Fridays  even more now because both the PSY cardio workouts are on the January calendar that I’m following nyaha!

The Gentleman cardio is also fantastic, it’s all on the floor so if you don’t have carpet get.a.bloody.mat. or a towel or something! Also quite sexy and just as cheeky and fun as the song. I luuurveee PSY cardio and really really, hope Cassey does another PSY cardio when his next single comes out. OFT!

Check them out and when I come across any more KPOP workouts I lurve I’ll let you know!

TVXQ – Something (I cannot be more obsessed with this song)

So I’m obsessed with TVXQ’s new song ‘Something’ that was released on YouTube on the 1st of Jan 2014. Oooooh I can’t stop listening to it it’s so damn catchy and just goddamn awesome. Check it out here. The lyrics are really well constructed and I love the repeated ‘sageulsageulsageul’ at the end of the chorus. The whole structure of the song is admirable – it’s just an all round really good piece of music! Not usually what I’d personally expect from SM entertainment but then again maybe by some tragic misfortune I’ve missed all the songs they’ve produced that are similar to this one. It’s jazzy. That’s what it is!

Apart from lovin’ the vocals and melody I lurve the MV as well – the choreography is so jumpy and like BOOM and I just feel like I want to get in the video and dance as well! I could dance around my house to this song all day. I do dance around my house to this song. Not all day though, I have to restrain myself because I don’t want to get sick of it! I loved how the guys were dressed and their fluid movements were fantastic, the choreography just looks perf for them. Especially loving the ‘entwined in rope’ beginning. Yeah baby. But oft! I do like the incorporation of foreign models into the MV as well as simply Korean – this usually wouldn’t stand out that much in a music video from any other country (with the exception of Japan) but nowadays in Korea more non-Koreans are making appearances in KPOP which is interesting! Other MVs I know of with this asset include  Madonna by Secret who use a foreign orchestra and even Trouble Maker’s new single ‘Now’ briefly includes foreign girls acting sleazy with Hyunseung! If you know of any others please comment them I’d love to check ’em out! I don’t know, it feels more exotic with the foreign models in this MV not that nationality really matters. It just seems to feel different with KPOP because Korea has been a homogeneous society for so long. It’s nice to see the ice breaking a little!


6♥Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura

princess shu uemura

I’M HERE!!! 

So I was casually chilling with some youtube vids when I came across another advert, this one had me watching from beginning to end. I was initially captured by the unmistakable sound of Vocaloid music which suddenly started playing, then the anime music video that came along with it. At the top it said ‘6♥Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura’ and at first I was like ‘Oooh! I like this!!!!!!’ then I was like ‘I don’t get what it’s advertising but I luuurve it!’ and then I was like ‘…what is it advertising though?’

Basically what I saw was an advertisement for a Shu Uemura range. The animation was by Takashi Muakami and the song was ‘Pink or Black’ by Hatsune Miku. They teamed up to produce this advert for the ‘6♥Princess’ range of Shu Uemura! And it’s awesome.

Firstly, listen to this song, in fact watch the advert! 

So it took me a bit of thinking and googling to figure this whole thing out because I initially thought the music was composed by Takashi Murakami and the song was called 6♥Princess. I had no idea what the relevance was to Shu Uemura but after a few minutes I’d got it down.

So for those who aren’t aware, Shu Uemura was a Japanese make-up artist and the founder of the Shu Uemura cosmetics line (obviously). Shu Uemura has released a new ‘range’ which is illustrating the ‘pink’ and ‘black’ sides of a girl (hence the pink or black song). So the innocent vs sexy sort of thing which I think is really cute!

Takashi Murakami is an artist, not a music composer as I assumed, so he provided the sweet animation and Hatsune Miku sings ‘Pink or Black’ – together they produced an advert for the new range. 6♥Princess is supposedly the name for the animation by Takashi Muakami – ‘Princess’ referring to the pink princess and the black princess of the two looks you can achieve from the makeup range.

I showed my sister this concept and she just thought it was so sweet, I personally really like it too! There’s more info about the range and the background behind it on the Shu Uemura website.

About the song itself, well, it’s on my iPod constantly! What I really like as well was the fact that it’s sung in English to appeal to a global market rather than simply just Japanese customers. It’s funny because I didn’t realize at first due to the cute Engrish but made the connection when I saw the subtitles. It kind of works as a cute singalong advert! In relation to the anime, it’s gorge. I love the constant comparisons between the pink and black princesses even when they’re dressed in simple school uniforms. It’s really easy to understand the concept behind the advert even if the English is a tad off, but I think it just prompts you to pay even more attention to the advert. If the English was perfect in writing and vocally we wouldn’t watch the video. I have to say I also love the use of the piano throughout especially at the beginning. (:

Well, I’m off to listen to it again! Oft and watch it, nyaha! Enjoy! I reaaaalllyyy want to try this makeup range now! ♥ (I’m going to type this heart all the time now baha!)

Yu-Be – Japanese moisturizer review!

Today will be a review! Specifically on the Japanese moisturizer called Yu-Be!


Firstly, I’ll review the packaging, presentation is important! So it’s a simple white square, box with orange accents, it has various pieces of info on all sides of the box which is nice because you’re immediately drawn to reading it!


007010 009 008  011

Info on the outside of the box includes the weight and how much product you get, a little background on the history of the moisturizer, brief directions and benefits of using the product and other basic common info (barcode, recycling icons etc) on the bottom!

What’s really cool about the packaging is that it’s actually designed to be opened up and flattened our because there’s extra information on the inside!

027028 014 013

Here you can see how it lays out once you’ve undone the structure, it has a perforated edge down on side so it’s easy to open up. The small flaps advertise the Yu-Be body lotion and also has a basic warning saying you should not use the product if the foil sheet (under the lid) is damaged. On the inside of the lid it advertises the fact that there is extra info on the inside.

Here (below) information includes a bit more background on the product and what each ingredient does, facts and benefits and the fact it’s suitable for all seasons, listed ingredients in French, German, English and Spanish.


As you can see it’s a good read!

The product comes in a small palm sized tub in white with an orange twist-on/off lid.


This is by no means difficult to open, it’s nicely contained, not too big, almost travel sized and it’s a pretty thick tub, you could bash it around and it would be fine (I know from experience!)

Now on to the actual product itself!


The product comes in the form of a yellowy kind of creamy wax! I know!! When I first bought this I definitely did not expect a creamy wax, I expected a liquid-y cream! You do get ALOT of product, you might think it’ll run out. Noooo no no! This has lasted me…hmmmm, about 6 months (I got this in March 2013 for moi birthday) and that is how far it has gone down. You literally need a dab for each part of your face! One dab for each cheek, one dab for forehead, one dab for nose and chin and rub it in baby!! I ALWAYS apply a small dab to my lips as well and I mean a small dab. Like literally touching your finger to the product for a second and then applying whatever is on there, sometimes even that is too much! You do NOT need a lot at all which is why it lasts so long!

When I first saw the actual formula I was put off a little because when I think of locking in moisture I like to apply wet creams to my dry/normal skin as it feel more plump but trust me TRUST ME it does do it’s job! It’s does exactly what it says it does! It dries very nicely on the skin and doesn’t leave it oily. It’s suitable in every season? Yep!! That’s true!! Although I have to say in hot summers you may want to apply a little less (than the incredibly small amount you already apply) because once you start sweating your face might feel a little sticky.

Now if you’re someone who, like me, gets very chapped lips quite easily then BUY.THIS.SHIZ.IT.WORKS.

One dab on your lips and use your ring finger to pat it in, don’t rub or swipe, pat. It really plumps up your lips! Your chapped lips will literally VANISH BABY! I recommend, after washing your face, using a towel to gently rub off the dry flakes from your lips while they’re still wet (or use a wet towel) and then pat in some Yu-Be, your lips will not only feel so amazingly plump but they’ll be so soft when the product dries! Ohhhgawwwd, I was so obsessed with the feeling of my lips after applying this product that for about 3 months straight I took my pot of Yu-Be with me to school and applied it multiple times every day, I forced my friends to put some on their lips! Every one of them came back to me, raved about it and then asked how much it cost!

Now I don’t know about Japan but in England at BOOTS it was about £19 something. Not the cheapest but my god it’s worth the money. So much product and it can do so much! I personally only use this product for my face but it states you can use it for your body and cuticles etc etc so use it as much as you want it will still last forever! I’ve never become so attached to a product like this before, it does provide all the benefits it claims it does, this product doesn’t lie. I reeeaaallly recommend this, even if you have oily skin, dry/normal skin it doesn’t matter this stuff works wonders. (: Get it!

YO!Sushi for comfort food! *UPDATE!*

Firstly, just a little update on my life, today we had our exam results day. I got mine and I passed fair and square! Maybe not exactly the results I wanted but this is only year 12, I still have year 13 to improve!  Anyway me and my friend planned to get some friends together and go to YO!Sushi in Leeds to celebrate, but since we all wished our grades were a little higher it turned into a comfort food session. XD

I got my friend to take a few pictures of us at YO!Sushi so you could see what the place is like. Here’s a few snaps:

IMG02036-20130815-1424Here was my first dish. God I love this, I think it’s the Beef&Garlic Teriyaki which is slices of premium beef glazed in garlic teriyaki sauce. I didn’t actually know it contained garlic until I looked at the online menu (to which I’ll post a link at the bottom of this post) but that’s probably what made the glaze on the beef so damn tasty! It’s served with little red chilli pepper slices (not hot at all from what I can remember), spring onions (I think) and a slice of lime that some people squeeze over the meal but I just sucked it…and then convulsed…ahh so sour. But OISHII! 🙂

I also had two other dishes; one was two large piece of sushi rolls and the other was a dessert called Doryaki which was just small little quarter pancakes with a bit of custard filling served with a raspberry sauce pot. 🙂

I also bought a green tea (free refills) for £1.15 (NOT BAD AT ALLLLL!) and then I just had to buy a glass of coke because I needed something cold. 🙂

IMG02072-20130815-1452 *our table during the time we were there, got more cramped as the hour went on haha!*

IMG02073-20130815-1455 IMG02074-20130815-1455These are just snaps of the little food conveyor belt. So easy to just pluck your food off and eat it nyaha! This is why I love YO!Sushi!

IMG02076-20130815-1456 IMG02077-20130815-1456First photo here is of the cover of the YO!Sushi menu you’re given when you eat at the restaurant and the second one is the first page which shows you the different sections of the menu. It’s easy to manoeuvre around and explains everything very simply and easily. Cute! 🙂

Aaaaaand this is us after we’d eaten, clearly a happy bunch o’ squirrels hehee. That’s me doing the peace sign! *Asian style of course, how can you NOT at YO!Sushi?*


The food was amazing, not expensive whatsoever but extremely filling! The Beef&Garlic Teryaki filled me up really well, I almost thought I couldn’t eat anymore! Had to though, all too good, teehee. If you’re ever in YO!Sushi comment here and tell what you think! I’d love to hear your opinions on my favourite Japanese restaurant. I have yet to go to WAGAMAMA…shhhh…

Welcome to the Starlight Parade!!

This post is going to be a quick review of a song my Japanese friend RICE sent me. (:

This song is called ‘Starlight Parade’ (スターライトパレード) by a J-Rock band called Sekai no Owari which means The End of The World. It was released in their 2011 album ‘Entertainment’ and I am OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG.

It’s just such…I can’t even find a word to describe it. I don’t know the word for these types of songs! It’s something I want to listen to under the stars at night either on top of a hill or in a fast moving car. It’s just one of those beautiful songs with a nice beat and awesome vocals – I love these types of songs that deliberately go off scale in the breaks/verses but it sounds just amazing.
At first I said it reminded me of Christmas probably because of the bells but now it just reminds me of beautiful yet epic nights, a lil’ bit of freedom yet part of an amazing collective (because of the ‘welcome to the starlight parade’ line) and…just Japan! It’s the only country that produces songs that get me emotional and feeling almost euphoric at the same time. It’s in NO WAY a sad song but it’s got this feeling which I can only describe as ‘welcoming you into an awesome place where you’re wanted and where you have the most epic time of your life’.
It’s something I can imagine being an ending song to a nice anime. (:

Now, the music aside, I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t in the least bit doubtful that the lead vocalist was male. The first time I heard this song was also the first time I’d seen the music video. It was the first song I’d ever heard by Sekai no Owari. It was also at the same time I was skyping RICE. I absolutely knew it was a male singer but his vocals and cute face had me questioning everrr so slightly even though I knew I knew I knew it was a man and the thing was I didn’t want to ask RICE to make sure because I didn’t want to risk making myself look like someone who can’t tell Asians apart (completely untrue but sometimes that’s the impression you can give off if you don’t ask in the right way). I was thinking to myself ‘god he’s cute’ but then I kept thinking ocassionally ‘okay don’t say that, don’t say that, what if it really is a girl, then you’ll be a lesbian’. I knew then he’s a man and I know now he’s a man but I ended up googling the band just to make sure anyway. And yep! He’s a guy! Thank god! This wasn’t like I was genuinely thinking it was a girl, I mean it’s pretty obvious he’s a guy what with what he’s wearing throughout the video, his stature etc. But there was a little bit of curiosity mainly due to his vocals.
*To anyone who is even the slightest bit offended by this please don’t be! It’s not some sort of insult towards the way Japanese guys or girls look, nor any other Asian, it was just me being slightly stuck in the middle. Read this post if you’re still thinking I’m a total turd in a wig.*

The video itself is great and since I looked at the English translation of the lyrics it seems to be just a nice song talking about experiencing the night sky with all the stars and how it’s like being in another world. Though at the end there’s a line ‘in this world that is now without you’ may suggest something else, I’m not too sure. Open to interpretation I suppose whether that’s someone dying and becoming a star or just someone not being there to experience this new world with you. Either way it’s a beautiful song!

First time hearing this I got feelings I hadn’t had in a long time, kind of like when I was further back in compulsory school like aged 14/15 and I didn’t really have anything to worry about and I could just watch anime constantly. The really nice warm feelings of experiencing what the characters experience either in song or anime and being able to actually forget about stuff in my own life and reality – that’s what I got from this.

Maybe it’s not for everyone but it’s definitely worth a listen. I really want to see them live! Looking online they’re doing a live event at Mount Fuji-Q theme park in Japan in October according to Wikipedia! It’ll be their first time hosting one alone. Ohh how I wish I was there! Hopefully I will be soon! (:

Unfortunately you can’t purchase this iTunes, Amazon, Yesasia etc as a download because…I don’t know! The only song you can purchase is ‘Take Your Way’ which is a collaboration between the main vocalist, Satoshi Fukase and another artist. I think you just have to be somewhere in Asia to purchase this as a download. You can however buy their single as a CD and their albums online! Just not the download. MEH!

Yesterdays YESSTYLE.CO.UK offer

Helluuuu everyone, since I don’t have anything planned to write about today regarding language or culture I think I’m just going to blog about last night’s endeavours.  Basically me and my sister always look at YESASIA.CO.UK (.com If you’re in the US) which sells media like music and films and also little accessories and collectibles and also YESSTYLE.CO.UK which sells clothes and accessories.

Now YESSTYLE had an offer on where most items were 10% off AND everything had FREE SHIPPING. Oh mi gawd. My sister and I decided to wait (stupidly) till the last day of the offer, which was yesterday, to try and take advantage of this offer and buy whatever we wanted despite having countless emails about this offer. Long story short, I ended up scouring the Korean Fashion section for hours until 10:30pm on my laptop and, when I thought I’d figured out what I wanted, realized I didn’t have any money in my account, only in cash. My sister then told me we could just ask our dad to use his card and then give him the money back, which ended up being fine, but then my dad told me he didn’t want me paying for it on my laptop because apparently it doesn’t have enough security. IT DOES. But that’s beside the point.

I ended up using the PC downstairs to pay for my stuff which was a fag and a half because I had to log into everything again and then I had to find my items which I ended up changing! By now it’s around 11:00pm which is when my sister decides to tell me I’ve only got about 50 minutes left to decide which items I want to we can pay for them. I’m going nuts here, we’re both starting to go past the exhausted stage into hyper and so after trailing around the T-shirt dresses (which my sister hates) and enduring my sibling’s constant insults about how I’m not picking the right clothes for my figure, I was set on two items. At this point it’s getting a bit crazy and my sister is doing Gok Wan impressions in an attempt to try and get me to buy something more flattering, although she did like the grey hangy, loosey top I bought. I’m just more of a comfy person!! (I do love fashion though.) We did eventually buy them…and then sat around in her room till 12:00pm laughing at ourselves.

Oh what is my life.

Here’s the items I bought!


aaaaaand I can’t find the other item so if it’s been removed, looks like I got there just in time! Once it comes in the post though I’ll put up a picture of it! Both items are T-shirt dresses under the tab Korean Fashion, Dresses, T-Shirt dresses.


-Since I haven’t planned any posts yet (although don’t get me wrong I’ll still be posting!) please, if you have any questions about ANYTHING or requests for a post, comment in the ask me section! I’ll either reply directly or write an article on it. 🙂 Ta!