Etude House haul review!

Okellydokelly – excuse the late post! Exam season luv! (The first review is at the bottom of this post!)

About 1 month ago I ordered a pile of Etude House shiz from (although I accidently used the .com site but it still came within a week!) and I’ve decided I should probably review it!

For those who don’t know Etude House is a popular Korean cosmetic brand and chain. According to E, Etude House is ‘cheap’ (used in a rather negative way) but there we go! Literally any cosmetic brand from Korea is better than a lot of Western brands in my eyes but we’ll see!

So as the list goes:

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

The ‘Olive’ and ‘Royal Jelly’ Blending Sleeping Cream – the spoons!

5 pack of Aloe Moistfull sheet masks

10 pack of the ABC (alphabet) sheet masks.

The 5 free gifts I got with the 10% off and free shipping deal baby oh yeahhhh. Honestly it wasn’t much but I got an Etude House  peel, a cream, a bb cream and two cleansing washes. All in packets the size of my palm.

What I’m going to do is review everything BUT the ABC sheet masks because it’s going to take me a while to get through all the masks and so whenever I use one I’ll just review it afterwards. Savvy?

SO DING DONG I’ll put a review in at the bottom here.

The Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker.

The Packaging? Is so cute, it’s really adorable! I love the bouncy twist the sides have when you open them and it’s sweet and pink! :3

110 111


Here you can see it does provide brief instructions, stating that one side (darker brown) is step 1 and step 2 is the other (light shimmery pink). According to the instructions (which also came in the form of stickers next to ‘step 1 and step 2’ that I peeled off) you’re supposed to achieve cute eyes – puffy shimmery eyes – by applying the darker colour in thelower crease of your eyes that appears when you smile and squint your eyes (further below your lash line, almost under your eyeball) and the pinky colour should go just below your lash line and in the inner corners of your eyes as demonstrated below.


Many Korean groups have advertised for Etude House, here Sulli from f(X) models for this particular product.

Here’s a shot of the actual applicators and the colours(shimmery pink on the left and the brown on the right):

113 112


The product itself is actually stored in the lids that are removed (as shown above) which I’ll post below here (brown on the left, pink on the right):

121 122

So as for the application? If I’m being honest, the darker colour is harder to apply to the skin around the eyes than the pinky colour for me. Maybe it was my particular stick but I have to rub it a few times for the colour to be noticeable beneath my eyes but then again it is supposed to be subtle – a little is enough for a very subtle look I suppose. The shimmery pink appears after a couple of stroke as it’s glittery appearance makes it slightly more easily noticeable. It’s very pretty and does definitely wake up your eyes well!

Here are a couple of swatches on my hand, left brown right pink, I’ve done two swatches of each colour – the top swatch is applied with a light hand without much pressure at all – the swatch below it is applied with a little rubbing.

114 115


As you can see, and sorry if it’s slightly hard to get a good view of these swatches, the brown can appear nice and obvious when rubbed a bit but if no pressure is applied it’s very light and not noticeable really at all.

The pink, though it doesn’t seem much on the skin of a hand, doesn’t need much to appear obvious. It might be hard to see much of the first swatch which was applied with a light-hand but on eyes it’s not necessary to apply as much as the bottom swatch which was applied with a bit more pressure. Keep in mind that skin around the eyes is delicate and will move more than hand skin which can easily be pulled taut. For this reason rubbing too hard with the applicators doesn’t do much as the skin simply moves with the applicator if you know what I mean.

Anyhoodledoodle – this product isn’t bad but I don’t use it that often myself! It’s a lovely product but doesn’t give the exact looks many hop for sometimes and whilst it can make your eyes look very sweet the brown colour doesn’t seem to show up very well unless it’s applied well. So that’s my personal review here! Woowooo!

Laters homies. Myahaha!


L’Oréal Miss Manga Mascara & model’s blog!

miss-manga-loreal-mascaraTEEHEE! Stumbled across another cute advert for a Japanese manga inspired product! This time it’s a cosmetic, a mascara, by L’Oréal called the ‘Mega Volume Miss Manga’ mascara.

I’ve been waiting for a mascara to be advertised as producing manga eyes and here it is! This mascara is supposed to volumize both your upper and lower lashes ‘so eyes look more open’. Big and wide like manga eyes – that’s what it’s comparable to. It look quite good actually! How does it achieve this?

Well apparently the “exclusive formula, made up of enlarging collagen spheres works perfectly in conjunction with the 360° flexible cone shaped brush to amplify upper lashes and reveal lower lashes. The exclusive formula also contains a trilogy of polymers for absolute hold and staying power.”

The advert for this is cute and quirky, at least the UK advert is which is the only one I’ve ever seen. If there’s a US version let me know! It begins with a cute toy being hoisted out of a novelty ‘grabber’ and Cara Delavigne appears  (English model), hair cute in little buns and she’s sporting Japanese-y fashion – a cute black dress with a white collar and tights that have black hearts running all the way up the side of the leg. Very Japan. She breathes “manga” and the music starts. DADADADADA IT’S STUCK IN MY HEAD. The tune anyway. All throughout the advert there’s manga references (no shit sherlock) in the form of chipping in “so manga”, a big panda bear placed in the middle of the room and there’s even a girl kissing a glass sheet of manga. Yep, glass. Like on art programmes or when detectives draw up their notes where they sometimes use a glass board to write on with marker? It’s like that. Cute and sexy! Check out the ad here!

I think I’d quite like to try out this mascara and if I do I’ll definitely give it a review! So far I’ve seen it in most drugstores, Superdrug stocks it at about £5.99. Not bad!


And now for my second piece of news! Recently my friend started a blog – Drew (15) is an upcoming model signed with FM London one of the biggest UK modelling agencies (Top 5). She’s recently been offered a 6-12 month contract with ASOS and has done small photoshoots since late last year with more to come so, although it’s only just beginning with not so much material at the moment, her blog will later most likely be her experiences throughout her modelling career, what she goes through, what she does and at the present time probably loads of her personal life/thoughts. So if you’re interested in this sort of thing have a ‘follow’ of her blog! She’ll be posting more throughout this year and onward. Oh, almost forgot hohoho, she’s also on instagram (@queendrew7) which she updates far more often!

Have a great week guys! Mwah! (: