What does ~ mean? Korean talk!

So I’d noticed that when I was speaking to my Korean friends I’d see this little symbol all the time added on to the end of a sentence! What the frig does it mean???

Now I’m going to add in a little conversation between me and my Korean friend to demonstrate because when I try to type the little symbol on here it ends up looking like a dash: ~ (as you can see!) (sometimes it looks like a dash sometimes it doesn’t, I checked earlier and it was a squiggle!!)

eugenendlilyYou’ll have to click it to be able to see better!

So as you can see, my friend was using the ~ (screw it just gonna type it anyway even if it fails!) after a short phrase and even repeated it multiple times like this: ~~~~~~~~

I asked my other Korean friend what it meant and low and behold he had an answer! Basically it’s just a way of expressing that you’re being friendly, cute, active or polite. I asked him how to use it and my friend replied with:


So its mainly attached to words or small phrases like ‘goodbye’ or ‘hello!’ or ‘thankyou!’ but I’ve seen it also used excessively with short words or mini expressions like ‘Ah’ E.g. ‘Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~’ like my friend did in the first picture. Using it like this is expressing activeness or enthusiasm or maybe as an exaggeration!

So the next time your Korean friend uses ~ you’ll know the meaning behind it! 🙂 Go forth and ~~~~~~~!!


Yesterdays YESSTYLE.CO.UK offer

Helluuuu everyone, since I don’t have anything planned to write about today regarding language or culture I think I’m just going to blog about last night’s endeavours.  Basically me and my sister always look at YESASIA.CO.UK (.com If you’re in the US) which sells media like music and films and also little accessories and collectibles and also YESSTYLE.CO.UK which sells clothes and accessories.

Now YESSTYLE had an offer on where most items were 10% off AND everything had FREE SHIPPING. Oh mi gawd. My sister and I decided to wait (stupidly) till the last day of the offer, which was yesterday, to try and take advantage of this offer and buy whatever we wanted despite having countless emails about this offer. Long story short, I ended up scouring the Korean Fashion section for hours until 10:30pm on my laptop and, when I thought I’d figured out what I wanted, realized I didn’t have any money in my account, only in cash. My sister then told me we could just ask our dad to use his card and then give him the money back, which ended up being fine, but then my dad told me he didn’t want me paying for it on my laptop because apparently it doesn’t have enough security. IT DOES. But that’s beside the point.

I ended up using the PC downstairs to pay for my stuff which was a fag and a half because I had to log into everything again and then I had to find my items which I ended up changing! By now it’s around 11:00pm which is when my sister decides to tell me I’ve only got about 50 minutes left to decide which items I want to we can pay for them. I’m going nuts here, we’re both starting to go past the exhausted stage into hyper and so after trailing around the T-shirt dresses (which my sister hates) and enduring my sibling’s constant insults about how I’m not picking the right clothes for my figure, I was set on two items. At this point it’s getting a bit crazy and my sister is doing Gok Wan impressions in an attempt to try and get me to buy something more flattering, although she did like the grey hangy, loosey top I bought. I’m just more of a comfy person!! (I do love fashion though.) We did eventually buy them…and then sat around in her room till 12:00pm laughing at ourselves.

Oh what is my life.

Here’s the items I bought!


aaaaaand I can’t find the other item so if it’s been removed, looks like I got there just in time! Once it comes in the post though I’ll put up a picture of it! Both items are T-shirt dresses under the tab Korean Fashion, Dresses, T-Shirt dresses.


-Since I haven’t planned any posts yet (although don’t get me wrong I’ll still be posting!) please, if you have any questions about ANYTHING or requests for a post, comment in the ask me section! I’ll either reply directly or write an article on it. 🙂 Ta!