Best KPOP cardio!

Personally I’m all for keeping healthy and ever since the beginning of 2013 I’ve been exercising a lot more than I used to. I came across Blogilates on youtube and my god Cassey Ho has changed my life. She’s the most motivating and fun Pilates instructor I’ve ever come across and she really puts in so much work to encourage people to become fit and healthy.

I came across her POP Pilates series in early 2013 and I’ve loved it ever since, dance cardio is probably the only cardio I enjoy doing and I cannot stop…because she has PSY cardio!

The Gangnam Style cardio is brilliant!! It’s sexy and fun and really gets your heart rate up but not to the point where you want to die – it’s so do-able and I LOVE Fridays  even more now because both the PSY cardio workouts are on the January calendar that I’m following nyaha!

The Gentleman cardio is also fantastic, it’s all on the floor so if you don’t have carpet get.a.bloody.mat. or a towel or something! Also quite sexy and just as cheeky and fun as the song. I luuurveee PSY cardio and really really, hope Cassey does another PSY cardio when his next single comes out. OFT!

Check them out and when I come across any more KPOP workouts I lurve I’ll let you know!