Best KPOP cardio!

Personally I’m all for keeping healthy and ever since the beginning of 2013 I’ve been exercising a lot more than I used to. I came across Blogilates on youtube and my god Cassey Ho has changed my life. She’s the most motivating and fun Pilates instructor I’ve ever come across and she really puts in so much work to encourage people to become fit and healthy.

I came across her POP Pilates series in early 2013 and I’ve loved it ever since, dance cardio is probably the only cardio I enjoy doing and I cannot stop…because she has PSY cardio!

The Gangnam Style cardio is brilliant!! It’s sexy and fun and really gets your heart rate up but not to the point where you want to die – it’s so do-able and I LOVE Fridays  even more now because both the PSY cardio workouts are on the January calendar that I’m following nyaha!

The Gentleman cardio is also fantastic, it’s all on the floor so if you don’t have carpet get.a.bloody.mat. or a towel or something! Also quite sexy and just as cheeky and fun as the song. I luuurveee PSY cardio and really really, hope Cassey does another PSY cardio when his next single comes out. OFT!

Check them out and when I come across any more KPOP workouts I lurve I’ll let you know!

TVXQ – Something (I cannot be more obsessed with this song)

So I’m obsessed with TVXQ’s new song ‘Something’ that was released on YouTube on the 1st of Jan 2014. Oooooh I can’t stop listening to it it’s so damn catchy and just goddamn awesome. Check it out here. The lyrics are really well constructed and I love the repeated ‘sageulsageulsageul’ at the end of the chorus. The whole structure of the song is admirable – it’s just an all round really good piece of music! Not usually what I’d personally expect from SM entertainment but then again maybe by some tragic misfortune I’ve missed all the songs they’ve produced that are similar to this one. It’s jazzy. That’s what it is!

Apart from lovin’ the vocals and melody I lurve the MV as well – the choreography is so jumpy and like BOOM and I just feel like I want to get in the video and dance as well! I could dance around my house to this song all day. I do dance around my house to this song. Not all day though, I have to restrain myself because I don’t want to get sick of it! I loved how the guys were dressed and their fluid movements were fantastic, the choreography just looks perf for them. Especially loving the ‘entwined in rope’ beginning. Yeah baby. But oft! I do like the incorporation of foreign models into the MV as well as simply Korean – this usually wouldn’t stand out that much in a music video from any other country (with the exception of Japan) but nowadays in Korea more non-Koreans are making appearances in KPOP which is interesting! Other MVs I know of with this asset include  Madonna by Secret who use a foreign orchestra and even Trouble Maker’s new single ‘Now’ briefly includes foreign girls acting sleazy with Hyunseung! If you know of any others please comment them I’d love to check ’em out! I don’t know, it feels more exotic with the foreign models in this MV not that nationality really matters. It just seems to feel different with KPOP because Korea has been a homogeneous society for so long. It’s nice to see the ice breaking a little!


Korean ‘gummy smile’?

After reading comments on KPOP stars ‘gummy smiles’ on various forums such as ‘I can’t believe they don’t like gummy smiles…’ and ‘Oh this guy criticized Hyosung’s gummy smile too’ I was like ‘wtf is a gummy smile?’ All I could imagine were little Haribo bears under someones top lip – weird I know.

But it turns out it’s exactly what the name suggests. A ‘gummy’ smile. A smile where you show a lot of your gums. Trust Korea to come up with another name for it. Written in Hangul it’s 거미스마일 (geo-mi seu-ma-il) but apparently it can be referred to as 잇몸웃음 (meaning laughter/laughing gums) or 함박웃음 (meaning toothy smile).

Hyosung from Secret (yep again, she’s got everything baby!) has been known to have a gummy smile. And er unfortunately has been criticized for it. Not too harshly but  apparently she was told that “showing your gums excessively like that can actually be a negative for advertisements’.

1hyosungHyosung’s adorable ‘gummy smile’.

Regarding Korea as a whole, I’m certain that this ‘gummy smile’ business isn’t a massive deal across the public, but in media I suppose it can be treated as a small flaw like having a crooked nose that ‘needs’ to be fixed. To be honest, who really cares about ‘gumminess’. It’s a cute asset. But since the KPOP industry most likely rolls with striving for near perfection, of which a ‘gummy smile’ is not, differences will be pointed out if they don’t fit the set image. It’s not a matter of personal opinion really when it comes to this sort of industry which can be both a good and bad thing.

Anyway HALLELUJAH! The definition of a ‘gummy smile’? Showing lots of gum when you smile, ofttt. And  don’t mean the extra mint type. Laters guys! (:

Tips to start afresh in the New Year: Love Asia! But don’t get too carried away.

A second tip post on how to not lose yourself in an obsession. Any obsession really, but my thoughts lean towards an obsession with Asia. *This post does not apply to everyone reading it. Many of you may not go through a phase of obsession at all, but some might and maybe are so here are my thoughts on how to get out of that rut*

Okay, so for those who are in this bubble of obsession over Asia read on my dears read on. ♥

You may not even realise you’re in this bubble, but you are (unless you’re really not and you’re reading this out of interest). The best thing right now, and this is probably going to turn into some online therapy session, is to admit it. Adddmiiittt itttt! ADMIT IT. You’ve promised yourself you’re never going to marry a Westerner, only a gorgeous tall kpop haired sexy sexy sexy Korean that looks like Lee Min Ho (or K Will in my case). You’ve asked your hairdresser to give you razored ends which does NOT suit your hair type at all (ahem not me at all) and a fringe that is impossible to style in because it  li-ter-ally defies gravity. And what about those times when, on occasion, you’ve excused yourself from a group outing in favour of being a couch potato with those episodes of Boys Over Flowers or Bleach. Tut tut m’dears.

Any obsession can be a little bit bad in a way. There’s no such thing as loving something too much but it can make you go a bit craycray sometimes. So I’ll tell you how I got out of this bubble and hopefully we can all love things in a nice hippie way and not go nuts!

So when I first got into Japanese anime and manga I went maybe a little bit over the top. But I’m sure we all do. It’s enough when you’re spending your whole summer inside watching anime! But when it gets to normal school days again…arhhhh. ‘Pftt one more episode I swear….kay one more…..two more then THAT’S IT…..fuck it.’

I think I probably dropped a whole grade because I spent my time watching anime rather than revising during years 9 and 10. *sigh* Don’t let this be you! At least have a bit of self-discipline! I made up for lost revision time and got my arse back in gear during years 11 and 12 so I’m getting there now. The trick is….not to get there in the first place.

Sometimes loving Asia can influence you physically, your appearance. It definitely did for me. Not really clothes wise and there’s nothing wrong with what you wear anyway, what you dress yourself in isn’t an issue here. But it was more my hair. I’ve naturally got dark brown curly hair, used to be ringlety when I was young but it’s more loose bouncy curls now, definitely not the type of hair that’s easily manipulated. I attempted numerous times to gain Mami Sazaki’s full fringe, I asked for Bubzbeauty’s razored ends and I drew an outline of K-On! Azusa’s bangs and gave it to my hairdresser …all on separate occasions of course not altogether! But I just loved how cute the Asian hairstyles were. It took me some time to realise that a thick, full fringe did not make the most of my features, razored ends did not suit my hair type and asking for an anime character’s hairstyle was not realistic. My hair is now cut into a short bob, yes influenced by Ella Chen’s style (that I blogged about here) but it’s tailored to me. I have blunt ends because it suits my hair, I’m growing my fringe out because it suits my face shape and the style allows me to wear my hair naturally curly as well as straight. I get the best of both worlds and it was even influenced by Asian culture!

Finally, sometimes loving a certain KPOP band too much can result in injuries. And not just to yourself either.  Sasaeng fans. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t become one. Or whatever western equivalent there is.

So if you feel like you’re getting a bit too obsessed, promise yourself you’ll watch those episodes AFTER you’ve done your homework. Look at that gorgeous Asian hair you so wish you had and then look at your own and think ‘I wonder what it’d look like at it’s best…’ and by all means be inspired by that hairstyle but tweak it just a little bit. Don’t neglect your friends for your lurve for Asia too much, get satisfaction from both! And don’t try and be something you’re not, work on who you are and try and be the best ‘you’ you can be. Sure, we’d all like to be like our idols, sometimes we really want to BE them but there’s always good and bad in everyone’s lives so EMBRACE yourself and be your own best friend.

AHOHOHOHOHHOOHOHHOOHOHOH! A little too serious here now. Need something funny. I know.


Korea’s face lines!

*TO FIND A PARTICULAR LINE QUICKLY: To jump to a certain point simply press Ctrl+f and type in EGG LINE etc.*

So the last post was one Korea’s body shapes/lines and, like I said, this one will be about Korea’s face shapes/lines! In alphabetical order here we go!

The EGG LINE: This is from a front view of a face and describes an egg shaped face. An oval or rounder face shape has apparently been becoming more desirable in the past few years more than the triangular V-line shape. Both vying for dominance here! Yoona from SNSD is known to have the ‘perfect egg-line’.

yoona snsd

The S LINE: From a profile view (side view) this is a line that is drawn from the top of the forehead down the bridge of the nose to the tip. If this results in an S shape, the face is in good proportion.

profile view

The V LINE: This is the shape of the jaw and chin and is the most popular Korean face line known overseas. A pointed chin swooping straight back in a V shape to the ears. Jenna Marbles is a good example of the V line and you’ll see many KPOP idols getting photo-shopped to achieve the V shape. Surgery is also available to achieve this specific look as well such as jaw shaving and chin and cheek bone reduction.


The 1/8 LINE: In Korean, 8 Deung-shin. This line describes a face so small it only accounts for 1/8 of the body. Whether this is attractive or not is not clear however, it is known that Korea tends to find small faces attractive.

So yep, Korean face shapes/lines! Again not everyone in Korea will know of all of these but this list contains all the ones known so far. BOOM!