ETUDE HOUSE: ABC Mango/Nourishing & Firming sheet mask review


Afternoon people! So I’ve just tried this Mango mask by Etude House and here is my sexual review!

So like the previous mask I tried I held high expectations. This may have been a good thing and a bad thing at the same time hoho. But in the end I gave it around 4 out of 5 stars in general! Let me explain dahling.

(Remember to cleanse and tone first!)

Like all ETUDE House, in fact like all Korean, sheet masks, this one was a dream to put on – slippery, thin, small enough to fit over my pea sized face – perfik! I was pretty happy until the serum inside started to absorb into my face, nicely, nicely, nicelyyyyy but at the same time this mask decided to flip off my face a lot more easily than any of the other sheet masks I’ve tried.

001 (2)


Honestly don’t get me wrong, this could have simply been the air wafting to my face quicker than usual, maybe it was just this mask itself that was a little less amazing at retaining a bit of sticky moisture, so I do still recommend this mask and you’ll find out why in uno momento!

Like all the ABC masks suggest, I left it on for around 15-20 minutes and then removed it, patting the essence in and felt the effects. Which were FABULOUS! Not even joking; nourishing and firming! OH baby this thing lived up to my expectations! And it in fact left my skin with a lovely clean base for future cleansing and make-up application as about 7 days later it was still feeling amazing to cleanse. I’ve NO idea what’s in this but it’s awesome!

Actually I guess  do know what’s in this:


Here’s my skin before and after: (heads up, because this sheet mask doesn’t necessarily mean to brighten or whiten skin you might not see much change between the two pictures as the treatment the skin receives is internal rather than externally visible)





008 (2)

Again, sorry people! The pictures may or may not have been worth posting for a before and after effect but my skin did in fact feel A LOT firmer and well nourished. I’m pretty impressed with the effects of this particular mask despite it not staying on my face properly for the full 20 minutes.

So that’s my sexual review, nice posting for ya and I’ll catch you lot later with my next post (whatever that is)! MWAH! (:






ETUDE HOUSE: ABC Lemon/Tone Clarifying sheet mask review

003 (3)002 (3)  004 (3)


Yoyo, gonna get straight into it babys because my final exam is next week and I’ve gotta revise EYYY!

But yes this is my review of the Lemon sheet mask (part of the Etude House ABC collection), which claims to tone and clarify your skin.

I used this mask after I’d had a shower and it specifies on the back to use toner on your skin before you apply it – which I did! I use toner by the brand Simple, it’s gentle and well, simple! I never use anything too crazy on my skin – personally the more expensive something is the less it makes me want to purchase it (unless it’s through delivery prices from Korea to England hohoho).

So, the instructions are:

1.) Apply toner to the skin after cleansing

2.) Apply the mask

3.) Remove after 15-20 minutes and lightly massage the remaining solution into your skin

This mask is fabulous! It felt so refreshing after I’d laid it on my face, my skin felt cool and hydrated and once I’d taken it off it definitely felt refreshed!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my skin beforehand, all I can say is that it was pretty normal but dull and tired. Here is a couple of photos after the mask had been removed:

003 006

My skin was considerably brighter, it DID feel toned and clarified as well – they’ve got the description right!

Personally I have an oily T-zone so this didn’t really last all day when it came to keeping the balance of my skin as I has some oil production later on naturally but that’s not exactly what it was supposed to do anyway. It lived up to it’s name and I’d definitely use it again!

I’ve got 9 more of these masks to get through so I’ll be reviewing them m’dears, laters! :3