Who else likes 7!! oops? And UPDATE: why I may blog less frequently for a bit…

BOOM! They’re just such a feel good band, been out for a couple of years, not necessarily new as I heard them first on Naruto Shippuden ages ago (playing ‘lovers’ as an opening theme) but I love ‘Sweet Drive’. It’s just such a ‘wind-through-your-hair-whilst-driving-in-a-van feeling’ which is pretty much a quarter of the music video. 🙂

OFT! On replay on my iPod alllll the time recently, I need a pick me up now due to school and uni preparations which is why I’m writing this post. I’m aware that when I started this blog I was blogging once every couple of days but I started this in the summer hols meaning I had tons more time. Now I’m in Sixth Form and we’re preparing for uni and revising for exams next summer, which seems a long way away but will go by pretty fast. Not to mention the fact that I need to get decent grades to enter uni! Pffft, the only thing I can focus properly on right now is trying to get everything sorted for my classes each day – this doesn’t mean I’m not focusing here, I’m just spending less time mulling over what to post next. So in advance, I may be blogging once a week or so as I have been doing already (I think).

I know on a lot of student blogs or working bloggers you’ll hear people saying ‘sorry I really need to focus on my studies’ and it seems like ‘well, seriously you don’t have to spend ages its only 5 minutes of your time for a post’ but it’s really not. It really does take time to write a post even when it seems simple and structured. Anyhoodledoodle! Just an update lovies, see you in the next post! (: