YESSTYLE.CO.UK order came through! What do I think?


So if you remember, this was the item I purchased from YESSTYLE aaand…in person….it’s nothing like it looks like on the picture. WELL, on the model anyway. However much I was expecting this to happen, of course nothing looks EXACTLY as it does online, I was still quite disappointed to find it hangs nowhere near in a similar fashion to the way it hangs on the model, it looks slightly sinched in just above the waist which was the look ¬†liked, the shoulder does not stretch far enough to become an off-the-shoulder-top and since the photo of this girl must have been photo-shopped so much, it does not hang near my thighs, it’s more like down to my knees and very much like an over sized t-shirt more than a dress top which was what it was supposed to be. This was ¬£22!! I can’t believe it, when I first got it today I was so annoyed to find it just looked like a sumos pyjama t-shirt. Gawd. But I’ve decided that since refunds don’t come easily on Yesstyle, unless there’s a genuine reason other than you don’t like it, that I’ll keep it and (because it’s good quality) I’ll either wear it with skinny jeans and tuck it in on one side which looks alright OR I’ll figure out what I’d like it to look like an alter it or take it to be altered.

One reason it probably looks different, apart from the photoshopping, is because, well, she’s korean (the model) and she’s got such adifferent figure to me, she’s slimmer and maybe a bit taller.

It’s good material to make a personal t-shirt with, I just wish it looked more like I’d expected. It’s my own fault! But I’ve cheered myself up, it does look nice and comfy, just not the way I wanted!

Even though this has happened, I’ll probably still buy stuff from YESSTYLE just because it is such a good site but I’m definitely thinking more than twice before I buy. This time I wanted it because it looked good on her, I’m going to be thinking about what will look good on me form now on. (: