ETUDE HOUSE: ABC Lemon/Tone Clarifying sheet mask review

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Yoyo, gonna get straight into it babys because my final exam is next week and I’ve gotta revise EYYY!

But yes this is my review of the Lemon sheet mask (part of the Etude House ABC collection), which claims to tone and clarify your skin.

I used this mask after I’d had a shower and it specifies on the back to use toner on your skin before you apply it – which I did! I use toner by the brand Simple, it’s gentle and well, simple! I never use anything too crazy on my skin – personally the more expensive something is the less it makes me want to purchase it (unless it’s through delivery prices from Korea to England hohoho).

So, the instructions are:

1.) Apply toner to the skin after cleansing

2.) Apply the mask

3.) Remove after 15-20 minutes and lightly massage the remaining solution into your skin

This mask is fabulous! It felt so refreshing after I’d laid it on my face, my skin felt cool and hydrated and once I’d taken it off it definitely felt refreshed!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my skin beforehand, all I can say is that it was pretty normal but dull and tired. Here is a couple of photos after the mask had been removed:


My skin was considerably brighter, it DID feel toned and clarified as well – they’ve got the description right!

Personally I have an oily T-zone so this didn’t really last all day when it came to keeping the balance of my skin as I has some oil production later on naturally but that’s not exactly what it was supposed to do anyway. It lived up to it’s name and I’d definitely use it again!

I’ve got 9 more of these masks to get through so I’ll be reviewing them m’dears, laters! :3


Etude House haul review!

Okellydokelly – excuse the late post! Exam season luv! (The first review is at the bottom of this post!)

About 1 month ago I ordered a pile of Etude House shiz from (although I accidently used the .com site but it still came within a week!) and I’ve decided I should probably review it!

For those who don’t know Etude House is a popular Korean cosmetic brand and chain. According to E, Etude House is ‘cheap’ (used in a rather negative way) but there we go! Literally any cosmetic brand from Korea is better than a lot of Western brands in my eyes but we’ll see!

So as the list goes:

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

The ‘Olive’ and ‘Royal Jelly’ Blending Sleeping Cream – the spoons!

5 pack of Aloe Moistfull sheet masks

10 pack of the ABC (alphabet) sheet masks.

The 5 free gifts I got with the 10% off and free shipping deal baby oh yeahhhh. Honestly it wasn’t much but I got an Etude House  peel, a cream, a bb cream and two cleansing washes. All in packets the size of my palm.

What I’m going to do is review everything BUT the ABC sheet masks because it’s going to take me a while to get through all the masks and so whenever I use one I’ll just review it afterwards. Savvy?

SO DING DONG I’ll put a review in at the bottom here.

The Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker.

The Packaging? Is so cute, it’s really adorable! I love the bouncy twist the sides have when you open them and it’s sweet and pink! :3

110 111


Here you can see it does provide brief instructions, stating that one side (darker brown) is step 1 and step 2 is the other (light shimmery pink). According to the instructions (which also came in the form of stickers next to ‘step 1 and step 2’ that I peeled off) you’re supposed to achieve cute eyes – puffy shimmery eyes – by applying the darker colour in thelower crease of your eyes that appears when you smile and squint your eyes (further below your lash line, almost under your eyeball) and the pinky colour should go just below your lash line and in the inner corners of your eyes as demonstrated below.


Many Korean groups have advertised for Etude House, here Sulli from f(X) models for this particular product.

Here’s a shot of the actual applicators and the colours(shimmery pink on the left and the brown on the right):

113 112


The product itself is actually stored in the lids that are removed (as shown above) which I’ll post below here (brown on the left, pink on the right):

121 122

So as for the application? If I’m being honest, the darker colour is harder to apply to the skin around the eyes than the pinky colour for me. Maybe it was my particular stick but I have to rub it a few times for the colour to be noticeable beneath my eyes but then again it is supposed to be subtle – a little is enough for a very subtle look I suppose. The shimmery pink appears after a couple of stroke as it’s glittery appearance makes it slightly more easily noticeable. It’s very pretty and does definitely wake up your eyes well!

Here are a couple of swatches on my hand, left brown right pink, I’ve done two swatches of each colour – the top swatch is applied with a light hand without much pressure at all – the swatch below it is applied with a little rubbing.

114 115


As you can see, and sorry if it’s slightly hard to get a good view of these swatches, the brown can appear nice and obvious when rubbed a bit but if no pressure is applied it’s very light and not noticeable really at all.

The pink, though it doesn’t seem much on the skin of a hand, doesn’t need much to appear obvious. It might be hard to see much of the first swatch which was applied with a light-hand but on eyes it’s not necessary to apply as much as the bottom swatch which was applied with a bit more pressure. Keep in mind that skin around the eyes is delicate and will move more than hand skin which can easily be pulled taut. For this reason rubbing too hard with the applicators doesn’t do much as the skin simply moves with the applicator if you know what I mean.

Anyhoodledoodle – this product isn’t bad but I don’t use it that often myself! It’s a lovely product but doesn’t give the exact looks many hop for sometimes and whilst it can make your eyes look very sweet the brown colour doesn’t seem to show up very well unless it’s applied well. So that’s my personal review here! Woowooo!

Laters homies. Myahaha!


Yu-Be – Japanese moisturizer review!

Today will be a review! Specifically on the Japanese moisturizer called Yu-Be!


Firstly, I’ll review the packaging, presentation is important! So it’s a simple white square, box with orange accents, it has various pieces of info on all sides of the box which is nice because you’re immediately drawn to reading it!


007010 009 008  011

Info on the outside of the box includes the weight and how much product you get, a little background on the history of the moisturizer, brief directions and benefits of using the product and other basic common info (barcode, recycling icons etc) on the bottom!

What’s really cool about the packaging is that it’s actually designed to be opened up and flattened our because there’s extra information on the inside!

027028 014 013

Here you can see how it lays out once you’ve undone the structure, it has a perforated edge down on side so it’s easy to open up. The small flaps advertise the Yu-Be body lotion and also has a basic warning saying you should not use the product if the foil sheet (under the lid) is damaged. On the inside of the lid it advertises the fact that there is extra info on the inside.

Here (below) information includes a bit more background on the product and what each ingredient does, facts and benefits and the fact it’s suitable for all seasons, listed ingredients in French, German, English and Spanish.


As you can see it’s a good read!

The product comes in a small palm sized tub in white with an orange twist-on/off lid.


This is by no means difficult to open, it’s nicely contained, not too big, almost travel sized and it’s a pretty thick tub, you could bash it around and it would be fine (I know from experience!)

Now on to the actual product itself!


The product comes in the form of a yellowy kind of creamy wax! I know!! When I first bought this I definitely did not expect a creamy wax, I expected a liquid-y cream! You do get ALOT of product, you might think it’ll run out. Noooo no no! This has lasted me…hmmmm, about 6 months (I got this in March 2013 for moi birthday) and that is how far it has gone down. You literally need a dab for each part of your face! One dab for each cheek, one dab for forehead, one dab for nose and chin and rub it in baby!! I ALWAYS apply a small dab to my lips as well and I mean a small dab. Like literally touching your finger to the product for a second and then applying whatever is on there, sometimes even that is too much! You do NOT need a lot at all which is why it lasts so long!

When I first saw the actual formula I was put off a little because when I think of locking in moisture I like to apply wet creams to my dry/normal skin as it feel more plump but trust me TRUST ME it does do it’s job! It’s does exactly what it says it does! It dries very nicely on the skin and doesn’t leave it oily. It’s suitable in every season? Yep!! That’s true!! Although I have to say in hot summers you may want to apply a little less (than the incredibly small amount you already apply) because once you start sweating your face might feel a little sticky.

Now if you’re someone who, like me, gets very chapped lips quite easily then BUY.THIS.SHIZ.IT.WORKS.

One dab on your lips and use your ring finger to pat it in, don’t rub or swipe, pat. It really plumps up your lips! Your chapped lips will literally VANISH BABY! I recommend, after washing your face, using a towel to gently rub off the dry flakes from your lips while they’re still wet (or use a wet towel) and then pat in some Yu-Be, your lips will not only feel so amazingly plump but they’ll be so soft when the product dries! Ohhhgawwwd, I was so obsessed with the feeling of my lips after applying this product that for about 3 months straight I took my pot of Yu-Be with me to school and applied it multiple times every day, I forced my friends to put some on their lips! Every one of them came back to me, raved about it and then asked how much it cost!

Now I don’t know about Japan but in England at BOOTS it was about £19 something. Not the cheapest but my god it’s worth the money. So much product and it can do so much! I personally only use this product for my face but it states you can use it for your body and cuticles etc etc so use it as much as you want it will still last forever! I’ve never become so attached to a product like this before, it does provide all the benefits it claims it does, this product doesn’t lie. I reeeaaallly recommend this, even if you have oily skin, dry/normal skin it doesn’t matter this stuff works wonders. (: Get it!